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About Crown Brush

Overview of Crown Brush Store

Crown has been manufacturing makeup brushes for over 30 years. Our expert staff is specially trained to help guide you through every brush purchase. Whether you are ordering from our open stock catalog or creating an entire private line;

Crown is the leader in quality, price, and customer satisfaction. These are the key principles that have made Crown a leader. We offer the highest quality brushes to the international makeup, beauty and skin care market; at the lowest industry price.  Crown Brush Australia can create and design your own Academy & Student Kits.  

When you buy from Crown, you are buying factory direct. We invite you to come and experience why Crown is the world's leader in the brush market today.

What are Crown Brushes made of?

Italian Badger

Italian Badger is a luxurious and soft blend of bristle. It's perfect for powder and mineral base products. Ideal for achieving a light and coverage.

Sable/Goat Mixture

Most of our powder and blush brushes are constructed with this bristle mixture. Use on the face to apply, contour and blend powder products.


Sable is used to construct brushes that require a specfic shape. This natural fiber is great when used to apply powders and bronzers and products that require blending.


Squirrel is an ultra soft bristle that is perfect for loose powder products.



This natural and soft bristle is used in powder and treatment brushes. Ideal for body shimmers and for post microdermabrasion dusting.

Sable Blend

Sable Blend is a mixture of different thickness and grades of stable. This blend is soft yet dense and is perfect to apply a deep and defined layer of shadow products. Great to blend and contour.


Red Sable

Red sable is the finest natural bristle used primarily for smaller precision applications. Red Sable is extremely tight and firm. Great for liquid creme and or powder products.


Polystyrene is a coarse synthetic fiber that is used to brow brushes and other esthetic application brushes.



Boar is a thick and durable natural bristle. Primarily used in facial treatment brushes.


Boar is a thick and durable natural bristle. Primarily used in facial treatment brushes.


Syntho Fiber

Syntho fiber is a high grade sythetic fiber that is thinly extruded to mimic natual bristle. Each tip is razor cut to further soften the tips. Perfect for powder, liquid and creme products. Syntho is extremely versatile and durable.

Grey Taklon

**See Below*


Torray Taklon

**See Below**

Two-Tone Taklon

**See Below**


White Taklon

**See Below**


**Taklon is a 100% synthetic fiber. Taklon is made in different colours, but they all have the same function. Taklon bristle does not absorb product. They are perfect for liquid and creme products like foundations, concealers, and lip products.

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