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  • AB-216-AB-253 - Body Set #4 Secondary Shimmers Mini

    AB-216-AB-253 - Body Set #4 Secondary Shimmers Mini

    Price: $55.00 (incl 10% GST)

    Product Overview

     Easy to make a little Shimmer

    This *Body* airbrush line is an ALCOHOL BASED product designed to be water resistant and can last up to 5 days on the skin. (When properly maintained)

    We have a wide range of colours that are highly pigmented to create intense colours with a full coverage. You can also create your own colours by mixing two or more colours together or by mixing our loose pigments with our *Body* Diluter/Mixer.

    All *Body* colours can be applied with an airbrush, sponge or brush to create a wide range of effects. When applying with an airbrush, *Body* can be sprayed at a low pressure.

    These *Body* colours are easily removed from the skin. If you are short on time, you can use 99% Alcohol and followed with soap and water.

    Tip: Can be used to fill your alcohol base palettes or create you own detailing palettes.

    6 x 10ml + 1 Empty

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