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  • Set 517B - 15 Piece Luna Brush Set

    Set 517B - 15 Piece Luna Brush Set

    Price: $89.00 (incl 10% GST)

    Product Overview

    One of our most professional looking brushes is the Luna Range. The glossy finished handles and ferrules is a conversational range! Each brush from the range is crafted meticulously starting with the wooden handle. The bristles are composed of either natural or synthetic hair. Every bristle composition, whether natural or synthetic, is designed to deliver optimal performance for each style of brush.

    517 (Luna Series 15 Pieces). This beautifully put together set contains:

    BK01 - Jumbo Powder Dome - 177mm Long, 48mm Tip Length
    BK04 - Angle Blush - 177mm Long, 28mm Tip Length
    BK06 - Flat Bronzer - 151mm Long, 28mm Tip Length
    BK08 - Deluxe Badger Fan - 167mm Long, 40mm Tip Length
    BK09 - Deluxe Oval Foundation - 184mm Long, 30mm Tip Length
    BK10 - Oval Concealer - 156mm Long, 14mm Tip Length
    BK11 - Angle Taklon Eyeliner - 156mm Long, 6mm Tip Length
    BK14 - Deluxe Oval Shadow - 159mm Long, 13mm Tip Length
    BK16 - Mini Smudger - 154mm Long, 6mm Tip Length
    BK17 - Round Angle Blender - 160mm Long, 15mm Tip Length
    BK18 - Round Crease - 153mm Long, 10mm Tip Length
    BK19 - Deluxe Oval Lip - 156mm Long, 8mm Tip Length
    BK20 - Angle Brow - 154mm Long, 7mm Tip Length
    BK22 - Brow/Lash Groomer - 164mm Long, 30mm Tip Length
    BK23 - Pro Spoolie - 189mm Long, 25mm Tip Length

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