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  • SFX-216-FX-110C1 - Blood - Scab 250ml

    SFX-216-FX-110C1 - Blood - Scab 250ml

    Price: $35.00 (incl 10% GST)

    Product Overview

    This Special FX Scab (Standard) is a perfect replica of a scab wound that can be applied to most skin surface. This Scab was designed for any body part, face or head application, providing a realistic blood red tint for exposed, dried colorization Scab will sustain its wet moist gelatinize state. Scab (Standard) is best applied with a stipple sponge or a stainless steel spatula single or double ended. Product should not be handled after application, this could result in matte spots. Product is easily cleaned with soap and water

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